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Welcome to Eye Ink FX.

Film quality lenses available to the public, hand painted by Cristina Patterson.

For those who don’t know me, I have been working in the film and TV industry for over twenty-two years. I have been painting contact lenses for the film and TV industry for over 16 years. I have worked on over 400 films, which include some of the top blockbusters in the industry. And now I have decided to open my doors to the public. Each lens is hand painted by me. I consider all lenses, regardless of the design, little pieces of art. Each get treated the same as the last, with focus on detail and little touches of personality.
I use only the best quality lenses, paints and supplies, and all are FDA approved. The lenses I use are of 55% water content, making them very comfortable and are made right here in the USA. All my lenses are inspected thoroughly before being cleaned, disinfected and shipped off to you.

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  • I love working with Cristina! She is an amazing artist down to the smallest detail. She deserves an honorary award for bringing so many characters to life with her lenses. I think she is the best and always honored to have her gifted talent compliment my work. A true unsung hero!!
    Toni G
  • "On Mad Max, Fury Road my character 'Slit' wore on of Cristina's fine lenses. While shooting a fight scene a medic ran in when he saw me giving the actor regular eye drops for the dust. The medic looked aghast when the actor dismissed his inquiry and continued on with the scene. When the scene was shot the medic again pushed his way through and insisted that he take a look at the eye. The actor dismissed him again saying that I would take care of the eye for him. It was then that we realized the medic thought the contact lens was real and that the actor had sustained some eye damage in the fight! We all laughed as we set the poor medics mind at ease. Well done Cristina... great lens! In my many years as a Special Make Up Effects Artist I have been responsible for the application and care of contact lenses in stunt men, performers in creature suits, and subtle eye effects in 'A' list actors. Having now worked with lenses and actors from all over the world I can sincerely say that for me Cristina Patterson's are the best in the business. The level of detail in the designs, and the care in fitting and comfort of the lens is of a class not yet experienced elsewhere."
    Sean Genders Emmy Award Winner
  • "I have been working with Cristina for the past 20 years. Her artistry and passion surpasses everyone else's. She has a creative drive that pushes her to accept any challenge that she always conquers. I will always use her to paint our lenses and always recommend her for those who want a quality look that cannot be matched."
    Gino AcevedoTextures Supervisor/Creative Art Director Weta Digital
  • "I can say without any hesitation, there is no one better at the design and execution of contact lenses than Cristina. I have done many makeups in my career and most of them wore lenses by Cristina. She is without a doubt, the best there is. Here designs are innovative and flawless. You ask her for something special no one else has done and she figures out a way to make it. What else could you possibly want. You ROCK Cristina."
    Ve Neill
  • No matter how successful the execution of the makeup is, the key element, for me, will always be the eyes. I wouldn’t trust the artistry of my contact lenses to anyone other than Cristina. She is, hands down the best lens designer I have ever been fortunate enough to work with
    Joel Harlow
  • "Cristina is singular in the field of lens design. I have see her grow as an artist and she continues to impress me with every new concept. Even with time restraints and seemingly impossible requests, she has always come thru. Cristina's work always compliments my own and makes those characters complete."
    Mike SmithsonMakeUpMedia