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How to Order


    1. Download Fitting/Verification Form. (HERE)
    2. Have your doctor fill out the form regardless if you have been fit recently or not.
    3. After the doctor has completed the verification form, the doctor’s office can fax or email the form to me. The fax number is on the bottom of the form.
    4. Once everything is verified, you will receive an email to go ahead and make your purchase. Forms and Prescriptions for contact lenses are only good for 12 months.
    5. Please do not try to purchase any lenses until I received your form.

You must be 18 or older to order Contact Lenses from my site. If you are under the age of 18, you must have written consent from your parent or legal guardian.

ALL lenses are non-refundable. All lenses are custom and hand painted, one offs, they are unique to that particular customer, and cannot be resold.

Prices shown are for one pair, (2) Lenses.

Please allow 2 – 6 weeks upon order for completion.

If scleral contact lenses are the desired lens, the fitting must be done by a doctor who has the compatible fitting set. Scleral lenses must be physically fit; they cannot be determined solely by corneal curvature measurements or measuring the distance of the eyelids.